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Top 7 Sleep Tips For You


Tired all the Time? Here are our top 7 sleep tips.

Does it take you more than 30 minutes to fall asleep? Do you wake frequently throughout the night or too early in the morning and then feel groggy and lethargic during the day. If so, you may be suffering from sleep debt that can be greatly affecting your life.

Sleep is not merely a break from our busy routines, it is essential for good health, proper mental and emotional functioning and ultimately our safety. Here are our Top 7 Sleep Tips to help you avoid losing sleep at night. 

  1. Don’t exercise later in the day. Stick to exercise in the morning or afternoon. Aerobic activity just before bedtime can make falling asleep more difficult, as it stimulates the body. 
  2. Avoid before-bed snacks. Particularly grains and sugars. This will raise blood sugar and inhibit your sleep. 
  3. Sleep in complete darkness. When light hits the eyes, it disrupts the normal rhythm of the pineal gland and production of melatonin and serotonin (the sleep hormones). 
  4. Get to bed as early as possible. Our bodies have a natural 90 minute sleep rhythm– aim to be ready for bed by either 9.30pm or 11pm to catch the cycle.  
  5. Forget alcohol. Alcohol can act as a sedative, but the relaxed feeling wears off. This interrupts sleep patterns and can wake you up in the early hours of the morning. 
  6. Check your iron levels. Women who are deficient in iron tend to have problems sleeping. Eat iron-rich foods or get a quality iron supplement if your levels are low. 
  7. Have your spine checked. Irritated nerves in your neck and back can be the cause of pain or sleep problems. Dr Cristina can easily check if your spine is the cause of your sleep problem. Enjoy a good night’s sleep- naturally!

Dr Cristina Rodes is a chiropractor, researcher, author, mother and host of Back Chat. She has recently celebrated 36 years as a clinical chiropractor. She is passionate about wellness and spinal health and has helped thousands of people live healthier lives.