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Stress Buster Tools


Tools for Reducing Your Stress

Don’t fancy sitting cross-legged for hours? Try our relaxation tips to help you stay one step ahead of everyday stress.

  1. Get organised. Simplify your life– home, office and diary.
  2. Make a plan. See and feel clearly in your mind what you would like your life to be like– get excited about it!
  3. Take time out. Switch off for a while– learn to say no. 
  4. Belly breathing. Breathe in for 3, hold for 2, out for 3.
  5. Chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractors are nerve experts– get checked regularly. 
  6. You are what you eat! Good food regularly is your body’s fuel. A multi vitamin with lots of B vitamins will fill in the gaps. Ask us about herbs that can help too.
  7. Massage. Reward yourself with things that feel good. A warm bath is good too.

Look for the joy in each new day! Most of all, remember to laugh and smile!

Dr Cristina Rodes is a chiropractor, researcher, author, mother and host of Back Chat. She has recently celebrated 36 years as a clinical chiropractor. She is passionate about wellness and spinal health and has helped thousands of people live healthier lives.