Welcome to Wellness One

Welcome to Wellness One, Milton. We provide expert integrated chiropractic, massage therapy, exercise and nutrition tips in a friendly, unique health centre in central Brisbane. 

Flexible hours and online booking.

With flexible hours and online booking as well as an online shop, we invite you to experience our personalised health care.

Experience our common sense difference.

Dr Cristina Rodes is a leader in wellness health solutions. Every solution starts with a diagnosis of your health problem. With over 29 years experience in diagnosing and treating spinal problems, Dr Cristina uses medicine with common sense to help find the causes of your concerns. She loves to work together with you to create health solutions that are clear and scientific while still being fun.

Where to Start

You talk, we listen

On your first visit,  we'll carefully listen to your health history. From recent health events, to things that may have stressed your body in the past, we will thoroughly explore and listen to all that you tell us about your history. With over 29 years experience, we know just what to ask! 
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Let's gather some health information

Dr Cristina Rodes will perform a comprehensive physical evaluation which may include orthopaedic and neurological tests as well as a full posture assessment, to gather information about your health and your everyday lifestyle habits. You may also be referred for biochemical nutritional testing or x-rays to gather more in-depth health information about you.
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Working together- Your health plan, step by step.

Using all of this information, a diagnosis is made. Finding the reason for your pain or discomfort and then treating it naturally is what sets us apart. Helping you to understand the cause of your problem is also important- Dr Cristina will take the time to show you what she has found. Dr Cristina will then help you with good advice and the tools to help yourself while you heal.
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