‚úĒ Proven Back Pain Relief
‚úĒ Weekly Check-ins for Ongoing Support
‚úĒ¬†Practical Whole-Body Strategies That Work


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Is this program for you?

This program is for you if...

‚ěĒ You've had low back pain for longer than 3 months.
‚ěĒ Your pain can be either constant or come and go.
‚ěĒ You have low back stiffness that has persisted.
‚ěĒ You've had serious conditions excluded.
‚ěĒ You're ready to take charge of your back pain.

What will this program give you?

After completing this six module program you can expect ...

‚úĒ¬†A path to¬†reducing¬† your low back pain
‚úĒ¬†Feel stronger in your low back
‚úĒ¬†Improved posture
‚úĒ¬†Better spinal and health habits
‚úĒ¬†Begin to retrain your pain systems
‚úĒ¬†Natural pain management skills
‚úĒ¬†Increased confidence in your back and your body
‚úĒ¬†Be part of a supportive community¬†



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Mastering Chronic Low Back Pain may benefit you
no matter what level of pain.


What you'll be doing to master your chronic back pain


Understand what's in your low back and why the pain is still there. Build better daily habits with simple steps. Learn how to feed your healing with easy recipes and meal plans. 

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Prime your brain's pain systems to teach it new pathways for relief. Be guided in proven strategies to soothe stress, surrender to sleep and build your support team.

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Strengthen your low back with guided exercises. Learn how to improve your posture to support your spine. Find out how to create a path to recovery with step-by-step workbooks.

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What's Included

This program has been designed to give you the self-guided tools and community support you need for back pain relief. With lifetime program access, it shows you convenient, flexible solutions that help you to get your life back. 

6 Modules: 42 Lessons

Back pain relief at home, with 6 modules divided into 42 practical lessons that you can watch, read or listen to.

190 Page Workbook

An easy-to-follow printable workbook to guide you along your journey to back pain relief. 

Action Plans

Step-by-step activities and worksheets to help you integrate what you've learnt into your daily life.

Weekly Support

Access our exclusive community with chat forums, challenges and practitioner hosted weekly live workshops.

Extra Resources

Lots of bonuses including worksheets, exercise videos, meal plans, recipes, posture tips, guided meditations and learning links.

Progress Tracking

Quizzes to monitor your journey, observe improvements and stay motivated toward a pain-free life.

How it works...

Join & pick a start date


Once you join the program, you'll be guided  through a short orientation to get you ready for your journey in mastering your back pain. You can start whenever you’re ready and come back as often as you like! 

Follow the program's 6 modules


Be guided through the 6 modules and workbook to learn about your back pain, take action steps to create better habits, use workouts and reflective activities to rewire your brain and track your progress in living a pain free life.

Enjoy your new life! 


When you've completed the program, it’s time to applaud your commitment to your own health! We’ll help you celebrate your success and support you as you enjoy your new life with sustainable, long-term back pain relief. 

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You Learn Together

With our private Mastering Back Pain Community and weekly LIVE workshops, the answer to any question you have during the program is only a post away. We're here for you!

Your 6-Step Path to Mastering Your Low Back Pain...

1. Understanding Low  Back Pain

Begin your healing journey by learning about chronic low back pain. Explore what's in the lower back, understand what causes pain, and reflect on its impact on your life. This knowledge will empower you to make informed decisions about managing your condition.

Your benefits:

  • Make smarter choices about your condition
  • Take an active role in your healing journey
  • Be able to talk with others¬†your health

2. Let’s Check Your Back Pain Habits 

In this module, you'll take a deep dive into your daily habits and routines that may be linked to your back pain. Learn stress management tips, eating to help healing (with recipes), beginner meditations and movements to strengthen your mind and body. These steps are essential for initiating positive change.

Your benefits:

  • Understand your back pain triggers
  • Positive habits for a better, pain-free life
  • Practical tools that you can use straight away

3. Building Your Back Strength 

Strength and flexibility in your body and your mind are key components of back health. This module is dedicated to adding to your tool-box of strategies with level 2 exercises, good posture guides and reflective mindful meditations that build and maintain the strength of your lower back. 

Your benefits:

  • Check your posture with¬†the Posture Wall Test
  • Tools to¬†future proof your¬†low back

4 . Gather Your Support Tools

Coping with chronic back pain often requires a support network and helpful tools. Here, you'll discover guidance on finding healthcare professionals, supplements and supports, healing meal preparation, sleep support and sneaky exercises that can aid in your pain management journey.

Your benefits:

  • Empowered natural pain management options
  • Know what to do to support yourself
  • What to ask when building a¬†strong support group¬†

5. Back Pain Prevention Planning

Prevention is a crucial aspect of managing chronic low back pain. In this module, you'll explore strategies to prevent future episodes of pain. These include ergonomic adjustments in your daily life, lifestyle modifications, and learning how to protect your back during physical activities.

Your benefits:

  • Less low back pain, more comfort
  • Smart everyday choices for a back- friendly home

6 . Strategies for Your Future 

The final module equips you with long-term strategies for maintaining a pain-free life. You'll learn how to achieve realistic goals, develop a personalized pain management plan, and integrate the lessons and tools acquired throughout the course into your everyday life.

Your benefits:

  • Lasting strategies for a life free from pain
  • Ongoing¬†wellness as you use the tools you've learnt¬†

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You get the entire program with lifetime access for 4 monthly payments of $37.25


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You get the entire program with lifetime access for a one-time payment of $149


Enjoy Our Risk Free 100% Money-Back Guarantee

You give the Mastering Chronic Low Back Pain program an honest go, and we'll give you your money back if you don't find hope for relief within 7 days from the date of purchase.


Is This Back Pain Program for You?

You're ready to take charge of your back pain? Mastering Chronic Low Back Pain is great if you want solutions that can provide long-term relief and improvement. Learn the proven tools to be able to start enjoying your life again. 

Have you had low back pain for longer than 3 months? If your answer is yes, this program is designed with you in mind. It specifically caters to individuals who have experienced the challenges of chronic low back pain and are seeking effective solutions and relief.

Is your pain either constant or it comes and goes? The program is well-suited to address both constant and episodic pain patterns. It offers valuable insights and strategies to help you manage and alleviate your low back pain effectively, whether it's a constant presence or an intermittent challenge.

Have you had low back stiffness that has persisted?  We help you to understanding the factors that contribute to back stiffness and then show you practical strategies that include gentle exercises, mind-body techniques and lifestyle adjustments such as posture correction, ergonomics and healing eating to empower you to control your back health. 

Have you had serious conditions excluded? Mastering Chronic Low Back Pain focuses on providing solutions for people with long-term back pain that do not have serious conditions. Check with your health professional if you're not sure.

We're Here to Answer Your Questions!


"Low back pain is the number one cause of disability worldwide.

Recent research has given us valuable insights and effective new tools to help. 

The Mastering Chronic Low Back Pain program is the result of combining 35 years of clinical experience with modern neuromusculoskeletal scientific research to create proven tools that can help chronic back pain.

 Mastering Chronic Low Back Pain is more than just relief- it's about reclaiming your life. It focuses on you as a whole person to empower you to take control of your well-being, eliminate back pain and guide you toward lasting transformation."


BAppSc(Chiro), Cert HlthPsych, MACA, MASLM, MCPA, CommDec
Chiropractor, Facilitator, Coach
Director Wellness One, Founder Mastering Chronic Low Back Pain

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